1208 after week one.

How will it sit within the starting perameters with a claw/grabber attached to it?

Good choice of music.:slight_smile:

Excellent progress! This is a great first iteration.

The next step is to attach a front/rear bumper and pick up a game piece with it. You may find that Bryan’s concern is very valid from both a legality perspective and tube acquisition perspective.

If you gear down that arm a bit more, you will have more control as it comes down (preventing it from slamming). It looked like 2 window motors powered the rotary joint? In that case, you might need to add another sprocket stage.

B-but… you did that in one week? :ahh:

And the chains for the wheels look kinda loose… you should probably add pillow blocks or something else to increase the tension.

It looks like most of the weight is on the back, resting on the omni wheels instead of the traction wheels. I suggest swapping them so the traction wheels have more weight on them, making turning easier and smoother. Doing that worked wonders for us in 2008.

Also, WOW! :eek: That was fast!

Thanks for all the feedback. We have noticed all the items mentioned; give us another week, they will be remedied.

what motors are you using to move the arm up and down? 2 window motors?

Yes, two window motors.

What do you mean, claw/grabber?

Kidding. We designed the Arm specifically to be longer than it was needed, so we can get the optimum height out of it, we plan on cutting off at least around 6" to fit our grabber. The reason it is banging up and down is there is extra weight on the arm that is mimicking the worst case weight of our grabber, the real one will not weigh as much and it is much more controllable.

Most of the weight will normally be towards the front of the robot, as that is where our arm/grabber is. In the end we are shooting for dead center for weight distribution.