121 Photography

Hey guys,

During this past season I dedicated most of my time to taking photographs, which is something I have always loved to do. I did my best to try and document the process of team 121 with NAVSEA and the URI Robotics Club. Many people have seen the photos and I was told to put the link in a thread so here it is.

Most of the photos from the team are of URI Mentors. There are also photos of other teams from the NH Regional.

I am not a professional, and I really don’t know anything about making websites so please excuse its difficulty to navigate.

I will update it with Championship photos when the time comes.



Nice job, and very easy to navigate. I’m the main photographer for 116 and I’ve been keeping what I think of as a photo-journal of team 116 for 4 years now. Here’s a link to our site:


One thing we do different than you is we list the most recent set of pictures first (I think we originally did it the other way around but decided people want to get to the most recent pictures first).

Good job on the photographs! I tend to concentrate on people more, but I love the close-ups you’ve done on various parts and tools. There’s one gear shot you did that I really like!