121 RhodeWarriors Pimp My Bot Teaser

A little teaser I threw together for everyone. Enjoy and guess the functions!

Link must be opened in IE. Sorry thats just the way it goes…


It worked fine on my Firefox installation. Nice bot, although it looks like at least one of your drive belts was twisted… just like your taste in music!

That belt is meant to be twisted in a figure eight like that. The pool noodle thresher and the green belt thresher move in opposite directions. So we wouldnt need two motors to drive two components, the figure eight belt ties together the pulley with the front thresher and moves them in opposite directions. In this configuration the fisher price motor using a bane bot gear reducer drives both components.

Excellent! We knew we’d see teams using motors for multiple functions, but we just couldn’t find the ways to do it with our design. Bravo on the duality.

(I know. I was trying to, like, make a funny joke.)

Showed up for me fine on my Mac (Safari 2.0.3 and QuickTime player with the Flip4Mac plugin).

Looks interesting–that orange polycord looks right interesting. :wink:

I’m glad to see we’re not the only team using orange polycord this year :wink: .

Where do you buy the bane bot reduction gear train?