1218 Robot Reveal: The Vulcan Vader

1218 is proud to present our Infinite Recharge robot, the Vulcan Vader. See you at Hatboro Horsham, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Bensalem, and Detroit Champs!

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tLLOJxHcPQ


The swerve is back! Excited to see this in a few weeks at SCH

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What was your experience like with that style of intake? We thought about switching to a design like yours if we can’t get our 3d printed vectored wheels to work.

Are you able to increase the rigidity of your shooter and hood? Right now it looks like it can cause a decent amount of variability into your shots.

We modeled our shooter after our 2012 robot, which we found very consistent. We actually like that the shooter is able to absorb some of the vibrations and recoil, and have also decreased variability over the past week through calibration.

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We have found that the intake is sensitive to alignment (height above the ground, angle to collect power cells, etc.). However, once we determined optimal positioning, we have found that we really like how this style of intake is “touch it, own it.”

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Thanks for the info. We are running into similar issues with the vectored wheel approach, very small sweet spot to hit, and running it completely stationary versus while driving hasn’t been fully tested yet.

Indexing quickly and efficiently was definitely something we took for granted from the start and it sounds like a lot of teams struggled with this as well.


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