1218 Vulcan Robotics 2018 Robot

Team 1218, Vulcan Robotics, is proud to reveal our 2018 robot, Velociraptor. Team 1218 will be competing at Hatboro Horsham MAR District Event (Week 1), SCH MAR event (Week 3), MAR Champs (If Qualified), and Detroit Worlds (If Qualified).


Congratulations to all teams for completing build season.

A hearty thank you to all our sponsors for giving us the resources to build everything we dream up.

Also a couple updates:
The elevator in the video has had it’s velocity doubled since this was filmed
The hockey stick surprise is still to come:D

I’m always happy to answer whatever questions teams may have about the design or our design process!

Haha! Another great robot from a great team. Just wondering, what motor and reduction are you guys running your hook and winch on to support yourself and 2 other robots (which is what i assume those side rungs are for). Also, how did you clip the hooks to the elevator so they can come off after they are put on the rung?

Good Luck, hopefully I can see it live at MAR Champs!

We’re using a PTO from both our drive trains to drive our winch. The drive train is 6 CIMs geared for 5.5 ft/s in low gear.

The hooks are Velcro to the top of the elevator so that when the elevator is lowered the hook detaches and the robot is supported solely through the winch, which is then tied into our chassis through our drive trains. This was done to minimize risk of catching the hook on something and breaking our elevator. (Bad memories from our shooter/climb from 2013 when every time we climbed we broke the shooter)

Might have to. Stop up at MAR Champs to see this amzing robot