1218 Vulcan Robotic's Swerve Prototype

Hey all,

Vulcan Robotics wanted to share a video our 2014 swerve prototype. Hope you all enjoy and good luck to everyone in the up coming season.

OMFSM! Impressive, great job!

Very nice… Can’t wait to see it in person!

Looks pretty good. What speed are you geared to? Do you shift?

Wow, it looks amazing! Great job!

Awesome! have any specs? I am very excited for all the swerves the could be in MAR this year.

Nice work!!! Would your team be willing to share the CAD as well as the programming code? It would be a HUGE help to many FRC teams this year!!!

Looking pretty awesome guys!

Thanks, we are geared for 18 fps in high and 5.75 fps in low. So yes we do shift.

Thanks so much! We are planning on releasing at least the CAD for the robot (possibly the code), but that won’t happen until we feel that it is a polished product worth sharing with the community.

For sure here is some information on this version.

Two speed shifted by a vex pro ball shifter
8 Motor drive (4 cim, 4 mini cim)
Wheels independently steered by 4 RS550’s
18 fps in high
~5.75 fps in low
Not a spec, but each module is removable by four bolts and a few plugs. It will take like 5 minutes to take out and replace a broken module.

How heavy is the whole base?

It weighs in slightly over 70 lbs with the old control system and everything else (8 slot c-rio, compressor, power distribution, and the like)

So sweet 1218! That makes me really happy.