1241 says thanks to 1305 and 68

Awesome robots… we were really quite lucky to get picked into your great alliance, i’m sure we would have been quite dissapointed if you guys hadn’t picked us.
Thanks a LOT!!!

Ya, I still can’t believe you guys weren’t picked the first round, but I’m so happy it worked out that way.

It was awsome how you guys took your arm off for the elims and strapped in that vice to add weight at the bottom. Good luck getting your arm back on for Toronto

Hey guys-

yes, it was an excellent alliance. Thanks alot 1305 and 1241 for proving to be the best allys.

I personally could not stop laughing when I was looking for our vice and found it inside 1241 for a counterweight. Now THAT is spontaneous innovation!

We proved collectively that a defensive stratergy is a huge part in the Triple Play game. Good luck to you guys in all future events!

cya’ll at nationals!

Amazing alliance. Thanks team 1305 and 68 for the amazing capping job you both did. It truely shows how awesome teamwork and a wonderful strategy can really work in our alliances favour in the end.