125 Thanks EVERYONE at Arizona!!!


As most of you know, last week 125 went to the Arizona regional without knowing if our robot would make it there on time. After lots of emails and phone calls our robot finally showed up at about 3:00 PM MT (Arizona Time). It came in one complete piece just as we had left it. There were issues regarding the batteries and getting it on a plane, they were instructed to rip out the batteries if they had to. This left us not sure how the robot would be coming - from just a robot without a crate to the full crate just as we left it.

I would to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped us get through this competition. It wasn’t easy and we needed a lot of help but it was there ready and waiting for us.

842 - You guys were awesome, if we needed something - tools, material you had it. You also took us under your wing and provided us food and refreshments for the weak and weary!

698 - We showed up and 5 minutes later there was a crate waiting for us in our pit with everything you could scrounge up, electronics, pneumatics, wheels and various other odds and ends needed for a robot.

498 - You came with batteries, a cart and when we broke one of our joysticks you came with a spare.

Everyone in the machine shop - Not knowing when it would be arriving we started preparing early for everything early. You guys were awesome in helping us prepare for when they robot would come, not knowing what we would have left in the crate.

All the teams that lent us parts and materials or came over to make sure we had everything that we needed: 1011, 1164, 1492, 1515, 1726,

To the regional planning committee members, the field crew, George the Regional Director - You guys were there ready and waiting. You worked with us to help us out and give us as much resources as you could. You even performed your “robot here on time” ritual dance. Allowing us later practice matches so we could get our robot on the field.

I have never in my 7 years of FIRST seen so much help come from so many people in the way that it did down in Arizona! It is one of the things that makes me proud to be apart of something so great!

To anyone that I forgot
Please forgive my head but not my heart!