1251 Fl regional 2007 demo video

Hey everyone. Dave Guzman of 1251 put this video together for demostrations and recruitment for the TechTigers I hope you like it. All clips shown are from Florida regional 2007.Please let us know what you think.


From Team 1251

Nice video. I know how much work these things take. My only suggestion is that I like hearing the announcers in promo videos stating good things your robot/team is doing, but thats my personal preference. Let us know how recruits respond to this video, its a different type of music than I’ve traditionally seen with FIRST promo videos. That’s not a negative thing, it has potential of reaching out to a different “market” which may be beneficial on a school by school basis.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FjWzrY-Se0 as per Barry’s request. We added a little thank you to our allience partners and announcer audio. Barry thanks for the input.

good job drew
mike d

I believe you just gave it a vast improvement. You all may want to consider playing some with the volume control and balance between announcers and music at some points. This can become tricky when the announcer voice in the video also has the regional music going on; decide which phrases they use are most important. When making some of my videos I actually went through and picked out the best announcer phrases and put them over the video of the robot…even if the announcer said that particular phrase in a completely different match. It may not be worth your while to go to this effort. I believed you nailed the balance perfectly when 1251 climbed 86’s ramp and you could hear the excitement in Dan’s voice as he was giving the Play-by-play. Also you could clearly hear the cheering and applause erupting from the audience. Your goal is to convey that kind of excitement to the viewer of the video. Good work.

Your 2nd video with added announcer comments and text really added to the feeling of excitement felt as I watched it. The smooth music compliments your 2007 robot, which was poetry in motion; I loved watching it grasp and place tubes. The video reminded me of what an awesome year Tech Tigers had (and the great competitors Team 1251 is every year). How could prospective recruits or demo viewers be anything but impressed? Be sure to show off the trophies you earned. All the best with the video & with this year’s events.

love the video not only cause it demonstratesw first competentions in a good way and not because 1270 is all over the video just because i love the tech tigers and is look forward to seeing you guys in florida to defend our titles but also in south carolina if you so choose to come.:yikes: :yikes: :smiley: :smiley:

How often did the operator use the turret? Was it useful?
I’m just curious.

All in all it looks like a great video and a great robot.

Great Video! it really helps to show a competition like setting to people who may have never seen it before. Question though, what program did you use to make the video in?


The operator used the turret often. You cant see it but most of the time the base driver would just stay within range and the operator would adjust. We only rotated the turret drastically when they were playing heavy defense on us.

Yes it was very useful. Many times our base was getting pushed side ways but we were still able to score because our operator kept adjusting.

I used Windows Movie Maker.

Thanks for the input and the comments everyone.