1266's Ball Launcher prototype!

have a looksie…and enjoy :wink:

1266 Ball Launcher.zip (2.6 MB)

1266 Ball Launcher.zip (2.6 MB)

I’m sure it’s really interesting, but on my Windows XP system, both Real Player and Quicktime claim the file is either not a valid MPEG 4 file, or is corrupted. :frowning:

Same problem here. I am using a mac os with Quicktime, Realplayer, and Windows Media.

Me2 Eror- 2010:file contains some invalid data

or something along those lines hope you fix it

ahh! :ahh:
darn :mad:

okay i’ll get my Tech buddy on it asap! (lol cus hes better at it than i am hhe)

check back same time tomorow and it should be all bueno!

Sorry about that here is the file in divx

1266 Ball Launcher.zip (2.71 MB)

1266 Ball Launcher.zip (2.71 MB)

good job guys

We (1538) had problems with those kinds of wheels as launchers.

Two things:

  1. They shred the balls paint off
  2. They come apart from their housing very easily

Other than that if you just set the motors on the gearbox FIRST gives you, the set up used our battery in about 5 minutes of trial and error.

Other than that, nice job guys! We always like to see our Team San Diego teams doing well.

  • JERY!!!

Whoa. Were those two totally different movies? I was only able to get the first one working using mplayer, which I’ve found to be somewhat more robust, but it seems to be cut off just above the launcher, so you can’t see it.

The launcher looks cool, though. I look forward to seeing it in person sometime. Good job.

They’re the same. The difference is that the first video is cropped and the aspect ratio is off a little.

Why is it that when a ball is dropped from the top it takes 2 or 3 seconds to fire.

a litte in appropriate

nice! how do you plan to bring the balls to the shooter though? what motor is it powered with?

I assume gravity feed, but I also would like to know which motors you used.

I’m assuming they are using 2 mini-bike motors.


unless youre making fun of me…people do that nowa days…>.<

have a looksie…and enjoy

Translation: “Take a look at this video of our ball launcher and tell me what you think”. I see nothing inappropriate in that… :confused:

Good job! That’s really accurate, and that’s what you need. It will be interesting to see what feed mechanism you use with this. Good luck, and see you at comps!


Kidding, Kidding, Kidding, Kidding, Kidding I was jus t KIDDING. Now I was Joking.