1278's Teaser Video

Well, finally sat down and put together a short teaser of our robot. Dident have much footage this year, so this video is pretty short (Only 38 seconds), So tell me what you think! im more than willing to answer any questions!


Also let me know what you think about the video itself! im trying to improve my video editing skills.**

Wow, either that video must suck, or its just unimpressive.

Rather than beg for comments, ill bribe instead. I probably have enough bloopers to put together a 3-5 min video on bloopers alone. If i get some comments on this, ill throw them together and post a bloopers video!

I see that you can only load using the human player? Is that going to hurt you guys during the comp?

Team Driver/Designer

We will see. Honistly its all up in the air right now, it seemd that at VCU that it would help to be able to pick up off the ground, but if we can make our shots into the center goal without much trouble, we can afford not to pick up off the ground.