1279 is Linfected...

It is Cold Fusion’s proud pleasure to share our 2012 robot with the CD community.

The robot is currently unnamed, and it is (120 - 30 / 120) = 75% complete. :rolleyes:

Looks like you guys can pick up balls that are next to the wall very well. That’s an essential trait this year, just like 2010.

Awesome robot as usual and an awesome video. I love the intake mechanism extension. I would be careful about putting it on top of the fender because that is a penalty.

Where was the scrimmage that you guys participated in. We have been looking for a place to go for future years but could never find anything that’s close enough to us.

Good luck in 2012 and I’m excited to play with you guys again at NYC. Maybe we will join forces again with you guys and 2016 like we did in 2008.

Team 41, Watchung Hills NJ, was kind enough to host the event. I would like to say they were excellent hosts, and everyone benefitted from a chance to practice around other robots. (Like balancing with 56 :smiley: )

Can’t wait to compete against this bot in Philadelphia. :wink:

Lin-tastic bot!

Name it Lin-Sanity!

Not compete with??? :wink:

Thanks for putting that video together Mike… but the percentage is much higher… about 110lbs went in that bag!

I second the liking of the ball manipulator. It’s a pretty smart solution, and I’m sorta wishing our team could do something like that XD

Looks like a great robot. I always expect some high quality autonomous modes from your team as well.

Do you guys have a practice bot to play around with? With more practice this bot will be deadly in NJ/PA.

Let the Linsanity begin.

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, no- we only have the strength to muster one robot. Our driver has a year of experience already though. In one full day of practice, the driver/operator team was getting very familiar with how the robot reacts.

This is a good time to again thank our sponsor Day Tool. They’re the first machining sponsor we have had, and made the season a lot less of a headache for us.