[1280] [AUTO] Biosensor Technologies for Augmented Rodent Neuron Autonomous - Bio Auto?

Hello everyone,

We were wondering if a bio-chip could be used to assist in autonomous pathfinding and robot control? Does anyone have a good enough grasp of the rulebook and/or bioengineering to tell us if this system (rodent-neuron-based controller would be legal during Autonomous?

Thanks in advance!


See Advanced Autonomous “Code” for some discussion.

Practically speaking, though, I think you have a long way to go to make such a system technically viable, before you need to worry about legality.


Well, capability is no longer the question just legality. looking at that post it seems to fit within the legal limits especially sine we aren’t using a full animal but neuron cultures

What comes to mind for me is the COTS competent price limit: $600

If the chip is below that then I don’t see why it wouldn’t fall under the same rules as, for example, a limelight.

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Are you sure the whole rat is illegal? Too bad since this guy probably cost less than $600.

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Out of curiosity, what’s the type of controller you’re looking at? Are they available to purchase online or do y’all plan to bionengineer it yourselves?

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