12v/24v Festo Solenoids

Hello all,
So the Festo valve we got in our kit is the 24v one and we rigged up to solenoid break-out and it works perfectly.
We needed a 2nd solenoid so we ordered off andymark, and got it today after assuming it was the same thing wiring it up to the breakout i noticed it was running a bit hot. Then realized it was a 12v solenoid getting 24vs…
So my question can the 12v Solenoid take the 24v?
Or do we have to use an spike relay? <-- Which i don’t really want to do more wires etc.

I don’t think that you should power the 12 volt coil with 24 volts, however you could add a second solenoid module and breakout to which you could supply 12 volts or you could use spikes.

im surprised you’re having a problem, we used to do it all the time. there must be a problem we just got lucky not to have. in slot 7 put another pnuematics module with 12 volt wiring and wire that one there… just remember to change slots in your programming for that solonoid. best of luck


Powering 12V devices with 24V is a practice I would avoid unless the manufacturer’s spec sheet says it is OK. Power dissapation goes up as a square of the voltage.

FIRST just posted 12V and mixed (12 and 24V) power distribution diagrams on the KOP website. I would stick to their wiring recommendations.



Thanks for the input everyone.
To add an pnuematics module to slot 7, can we do it from the KOP or do we need to order anything more?

You’ll need a second Digital Sourcing Module (NI #9472). Veteran Teams will probably have 2 of these accumulated from previous years while 2011 Rookie Teams will only have recieved 1 this year.

Might be easier to get a second valve @ 12VDC or 24VDC and use the existing module.