12V and 24V Solenoids

Need help. We’re a rookie team with what is likely an unfortunately complex robot. We have a need for two solenoids in our system. We have the 24V Festo one that came in the KOP and have borrowed an old 12V solenoid from another team near us. We’re wondering if it’s at all possible to run them both or if we need to exclusively run just one kind.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Team #4265

It’s easily possible to run both of them. The 24V one will have to be run off the Solenoid Breakout; use a Spike relay to control the 12V one.

You will need one additional component if you want to run both 12v and 24v solenoids.

Choice 1 is a second Solenoid module + Breakout (an expensive choice)

Choice 2 is a Spike relay (can be begged or borrowed from a nearby team or $35 at VexRobotics)

Thanks guys. We have two spikes, one designated for the compressor and one designated for whatever we needed one for (we thought we read somewhere that we needed a spike for the solenoid). That was a smart choice to make today :stuck_out_tongue:

So Compressor is wired to the sidecar in it’s respective slot.

Then the 24V Solenoid is wired straight to the breakout on the cRIO

Then the 12 V is run through a Spike and then the pwm cable goes where? Does it go to the Breakout too? I assume somebody on my team knows this, but having confirmation from veterans for rookies is always nice.

Thanks again,

Team #4265

The Spike PWM cable wires to the Digital sidecar Relay pins.

Programmers use the Relay functions to control the 12v solenoid.


Thanks again

Team #4265