12V NiMH

So I am looking at the Things needed for the Mini Bot. I need a 12V NiMH battery, and the motors from an FTC kit. i looked to the FTC kits I didn’t find a kit that had any of the parts I needed. Any ideas?

I searched the part numbers and came up with different places to order the parts. . .

Motor -> http://www.legoeducation.us/store/detail.aspx?ID=1610&bhcp=1

Battery -> http://www.legoeducation.us/store/detail.aspx?ID=1664

Rather expensive if I do say so myself!

Have you checked the one in FIRST Choice? I think the stuff for it is shown on CD somewhere; can’t remember where (a search (orange bar at the top of the page) should turn it up).

You can also use aluminum and polycarb, if that helps, for the mechanical construction.

cool. that was fast this thread has not been up for more then 5 minutes

I did check there site in the FTC section because the manual was suggesting we use the 12V from a FTC kit but there were a lot of extra things our team doesn’t need

Here’s what the contents of the Mini Kit (FIRST Choice Group 1) are:

FTC mini kit.
Kit Contents

* 2 - Motor Mount, W739089
* 1 - Motor Shaft Hub, W739079
* 2 - DC Motor, W739083
* 1 - Gear Hub Spacers, W739090
* 1 - Tetrix Resource Kit, W731900
* 1 - Battery Charger, W739059
* 1 - 12V NiMH Rechargable Batter, W739057
* 1 - Power Switch, W739129

Funny how there’s very little metal–but the right amount of parts for a motor and battery and such. Located at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=985332&postcount=45

Well… i didn’t see the Mini Kit on the site earlier today sweet thanks

I’m looking for that kit on the first site and I can’t find it

I think you’re looking for the FIRST Choice page? It’s one of the links from the Kit of Parts page at http://www.usfirst.org/frc/kitofparts that Kate Pilotte was so happy about during the Kickoff.

The FTC kit is from the Tetrix line of components. Most everything can be purchased through PITSCO. For example here is the page for the battery in question.

Unfortunately, all of the full Tetrix kits are listed as temporarily out of stock, but a-la-cart items are available.

Upon looking at the FTC Mini Kit we don’t have any of the motors to help our design process until next week. We would like to know the dimensions (height, length, weight, diameter, or anything similar)

DC Motor, W739083

of what the Minibot or something else

well if it is for the mini bot then your maximum size is 1 cubic foot and max weight is 15 pounds

Travis Hoffman reports 0.464 lb for the W739083 motor.

Richard Wallace posted a data sheet for the motor which includes dimensions.