12volt Bosch-Drill Specs.

Does anyone have the low speed range specs for the Bosch 12v motor? Thanks --Roberto

Here are the specs that you need to know how how to find them out for yourself.

Low range gear ratio: 42.62:1
RPM@ No Load: 423 RPM
RPM@ Max Power: 212 RPM
RPM@ Max Efficiency: 332 RPM
Current@ No Load: 5.32 amps
Current@ Max Power: 61.1 amps
Current@ Stall: 116.4 amps
Current@ Max Efficiency: 29.5 amps
Torque@ Max Power: 150 In-lbs
Torque@ Stall: 299 In-lbs
Torque@ Max Efficiency: 64 In-lbs
Power@ Max Efficiency: .340 HP
Power@ Max Power: .504 HP
Efficiency@ Max Power: 56%
Efficiency@ Max Efficiency: 78.1%

The way you figure these things out is to print out the specs sheet for the bosch drill motor. Then you look up the gear ratio for low gear in the kit of parts list. The low gear is the ratio that is the greatest difference. So looking at the specs sheet to figure out:

RPM= Motor RPM / gear ratio
Torque= Motor torque * Gear ratio
Efficiency= Motor efficiency - a little bit
Power= Motor power - a little bit
Current= Motor current

Then you apply these equations at different points on the graph. The four major points to look at are no load, max efficiency, max power, and stall. At no load the efficiency is effectively 0%, the power is 0 hp and the torque is 0 in-lbs. At Stall the efficiency is 0% (all power goes in to heat and torque), power is 0 hp, and RPM is 0 RPM.

Have a great build and next time you can answer this question for others.

,Michael of team 997