12voltbolt 1557 video

so there’s been a drought of videos from our team this year…

here we go,

this was shot the friday before ship:D

we since have added auto-tracking with the camera. and a “turret stabilizer” the the shooter to make it real smoooth, and we replaced the surgical tubing with slotted lexan “wings” to make the camera more steady (the surgical tubing made it all bouncy)

so what do you guys think?

It was funny watching this & seeing how cramp the “clubhouse” looks. At least everyone has safety glasses on since Hami is cutting something to the side (& good driving Adam keeping the robot away from his metal rod).

This was filmed on 2/10 by a City of Eustis employee. Team 1557 is to be featured in a brief public TV spot.

do you know when it going to be on?

I can’t wait to see it in action at Florida looks good

OMG! Looks very good. I’m looking forward to Orlando and seeing it in person. Congratulations on a nice design.

…and I thought the SPAM Pit was cramped :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing you at UCF


:slight_smile: We’re just happy to have more than one outlet, a bathroom, & a heated/air conditioned space (unlike the last 2 years).

Can’t wait to see SPAM’s very innovative & interesting robot as well. This year’s FL Regional should be amazing!

That bot looks just like our entry in 06, at least in concept.


Thats a cool looking robot you got there. And nice shooter. Like the second or third shot all I could was BOOM HEADSHOT.

They do look very similar. One interesting fact regarding our robot, when we decided to incorporate a helix we had no idea that the welder who helps our team currently makes a lot of…spiral staircases!

lol, and that was with manual override on the aiming:P