1310 IRI 2014 Improvements

A quick video showcasing our improvements for IRI to ball handing and autonomous, specifically for pass backing and goalie aversion respectively.

Great video! 1310 has always gone above and beyond in the offseason, and IRI this year is no different. The improvements showcased here will definitely play well with the IRI rule changes and once again make 1310 a powerful alliance partner (or opponent) to look out for. Personally, I’d rather have them on the same side of the glass as me than on the opposite. :wink:

However you could use a taller human player…

Don’t fear our in season human player (aka not me!) will be at IRI. :rolleyes:

Did I see 1114’s 2013 competition robot? Nice preview.

As B.A. Baracus silently observes.

Oh yeah, they forgot to mention that there’s now points for climbing the truss, so 1114 is going to attach a collector to their bot from last year :smiley:

diggin the Code Orange shirt around .30 :cool: