1310 Versatility: 2013 Recap Video

Ultimate Ascent was 1310’s best season to date in our 10 years of our existence. Highlighted by two finalists awards at Waterloo and Toronto West Regionals, the Innovation in Control Award at Toronto West and out first trip to the world championships in St. Louis. It was a great year for the team and here are the highlights:

Here’s our season recap video-

Here are some other videos from the year-


And a link to our facebook and twitter-


We are looking forward to the offseason and 2014!

…I noticed you’re not listed as an applicant for IRI yet…

You should fix that.

We are in the process of finalizing our application. We will be submitting it soon.

Please don’t forget it’s due at 11:59 tonight. Don’t want you to miss it.

We are aware of the deadline. We submitted the application early this afternoon.

Great to hear. You have a fantastic bot, and is 100% IRI worthy.

Thanks for the feedback. Our team is really hoping that the season isn’t over yet. We want to see our robot in action once more. We’re crossing our fingers that we get the invitation.

Just make sure to pack extra hockey pucks. I’m not sure if anyone in Indiana has any. :wink: I hope 1310 makes it into IRI this year you guys were great to work with at champs.

Yes, if we are accepted we’ll make sure we pack extra hockey pucks and lots of turtle wax.

Just found our curie matches on youtube. Here is our full court in case anyone was interested.

Match 72:

If you want to see more matches go to 2056public channel on youtube.
curie qualification match numbers : 13, 21, 35, 51, 72, 89, 109,123

That was incredible. It’s a real shame that the curie alliances got so broken up and eliminated your chances.

Wow. I’ve heard your name thrown around this whole year, but you were always “one of the other good Canadian teams” after 1114 and 2056 were mentioned. But you guys could hit good full court shots, then sweep the ground afterward- and you could do both very effectively!
Hope to see you guys at IRI! Potentially with the same color bumpers!
(Hopefully in person and not on a webcast! :wink: )

We are hoping we are accepted to IRI. It would be awesome to cap off the year with a trip there. Seeing and competing with teams like yours that we have idolized for years would be incredible.

Hope to see you guys there.

You guys had an incredibly versatile robot, really well done, I was very impressed, the only thing that your robot could have done better was a 30 point climb but you really didn’t need it with everything else you could do.

Thank you very much for the feedback. We actually never really considered the climb because we figure we could do a cycle plus pick up a couple off the floor in that time. We just didn’t see any real benefits with the climb. We could either have built a 30pt climb or a floor pick-up, and we obviously choose the floor pick-up. We knew we didn’t have the weight for both and we felt the risk of falling was too high.
You guys had a great bot too, it was a pleasure competing with you guys on curie.

Obviously you didn’t know our robot in 2011 or 2012. Not much idolization going on there. :rolleyes:

Interesting wording. The alliances and elims were exciting.

So glad to see a thread about you guys! Love the video, every aspect of your robot was effective, and led to the power house team you became at the World Championships. Way to represent Canada, and hopefully we get to watch you guys again at IRI!

7 discs in auton = 42 pts
32 discs in teleop = 96 pts
1st level climb = 10 pts

Did you guys single-handedly score 148 points in this match?


We actually missed our 10pt hang this match. When we were already hanging, one of our other alliance members jumped on top of our bumper, resulting in us touching the ground. It was still a great match nevertheless. My favourite part was when our human player came screaming over to the driver station saying “We are out of Frisbees!!!”. Then I remember our field captain, our driver and myself saying in unison “Already what??!!?!!!?!”. It was the highlight of the season after qualifying for Champs(which was definitely our greatest achievement).
It was great to see 610, 1241 and 1477 win it all. Two very deserving Canadian team that I’ve learned lots about over the years and Texas torque with their crazy 7disc autonomous.
Also pretty cool to see you guys in the front section of the globe and Mail this morning. And see you guys at Robojam!!!