1322 8 point auton every time

Our robot has two claws on each side that is hooked up to the left and right cans, then we have a can in the middle that is in our mechanism. 8 points every time (ever since we tweaked our programming). :smiley:

Looks like a solid design. If I may ask: have you practiced/played with any teams that have a three tote auto and if so what were the results? It seems like being able to get the three cans out of the way ,not to mention scored, will be very valuable for an alliance with the right teammates.

In fact, yes, we have. We had 2337, the EngiNerds on our side with their 3 tote auton, and all 3 robots did their jobs, we brought 3 cans, they brought 3 totes, and the other team moved forward. 32 points if I recall.