1323 Robot Pictures and Technical Details?

I loved watching 1323 with their sideways outtake, but I haven’t gotten the chance to see their bot up close.

They do not have any detailed pictures on their website and they do not release technical binders. If I am not missing anything, they do not have a Behind The Bumpers video as well.

I know there is a clean robot video, but I would appreciate a closer look into their robot if anyone is willing to share some photos and videos.


I have no pics or video to share, but I saw it at worlds. It struck me as an incredibly efficient machine. It just did everything well. It could shoot from most anywhere on the field, sometimes while moving. They did not shoot on the move as much as 1690, but rarely missed any shots. Every shot seemed to enter the hub so “softly” that there was no bounce out, at least none that I witnessed. Part of this may have been that they were bit taller so were releasing balls from higher up that many other teams. The extra height did not seem to effect their stability. They must have had really good weight distribution. The intake was amazing. Saw them pick up a few balls that were bouncing. They some how trapped them and pulled them in. Also the intake was durable enough to take hits and pick up off the wall. They were also good at ejecting opponents balls to strategic places on the field.
Great robot really impressive to see it live. It was just rock solid and reliable
Maybe you can find some videos on YouTube Carver division at worlds or there may be some video from their Madtown off season event.


I found this video of 1323 that is pretty high quality compared to the FIRST videos.


While 1323 doesn’t share CAD models, @R.C is pretty nice and usually answers specific questions if you have them.


This video has everything that anyone would need.
Would be a fun team activity to pick apart the footage and reverse engineer the robot.

Personally, I never saw 1323 video this season. I am SHOCKED by, and will have fitful dreams about, that intake… perfect place for an obligatory 4-bar… and they used a fold DOWN mech??? :sleeping_bed:

They’re design is in the same style of 118, I suspect the intention is that they thought there would be more opportunities for picking up bouncing balls.

Uh not really. 118 ran their intake the way they did to fit large diameter wheels whereas the 1323/4414 style intake was better for folding down on top of balls (which did actually work to some degree).

I think both 1323 and 118 designed their intakes to come down on top of balls to help pickup bouncing balls. 118 showed off this in their reveal video: Team 118 Robonauts 2022 - YouTube


Why use 4 bar when 1 bar do trick?


4 bars are great at taking a small amount of travel (4-6” pneumatic cylinder) and giving you a useful intake deployment.

If you are using a motor pivot (neither us, 1323, 148 had pneumatics), and already have the full 360 motion at the arm, it’s actually much lighter to have a single intake plate.

Catching balls was cool too, but was really just a small bonus and justification for our mid season weight loss from pneumatics.


How well did this hold up to being hit dead-on?

Was the technique just to make it fast enough that it didn’t matter, or is there a trick to making it flex inward if it hits something?

Also, are you/they holding the intake in place with PID, or is there a hard stop that the intake rests on?


@R.C why don’t you share CAD?



(only joking)


I’m not sure how helpful this is but I got this picture at worlds.


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