1325 Inverse Paradox - Pre-Worlds Reveal - Oskar

Pre-Worlds Reveal Video for FRC 1325, Inverse Paradox’s 2015 robot, Oskar the Grouch (and his trash can)


This is awesome! You guys waste no time whatsoever on the field, great use of the ramp!

Will you carry your ramp or tether it to another robot? Otherwise you can’t use the canburgulars during auto. Good Luck on Carson, I’ll see you there!

We are only planning on using our RC auto (canburgulars) if it is really needed, and for elims (if we make it there). In which case we will be tethering to another robot, but otherwise we will be keeping our platform tethered to us and not running the auto.

Great robot! Awesome ramp/tote catcher as well. Do the totes fall correctly everytime?

Pretty much. The only issue we are having is with the second one not falling far enough, but this is only on our practice field as the wooden feeders drop the totes slower than the real ones in competition. Aligning the platform with the feeder during each match is a bit of a pain, but we were able to do it very consistently at our last regional, so it’s not too much of a concern.

This is the simple and effective design that I was looking for at the beginning of the year. This is it.

Phenomenal work. Good luck in Carson.

What’s the weight of your ramp?

The ramp weighs approximately 10 lbs. at the moment. We’re working on lightening it for champs.

Amazing work with this robot. I remember seeing it in our Field House at the end of build, and the amount of iterations and improvements that have gone into it since is very impressive. The ramp and 3 + 3 with noodled bin technique is really effective.