1339 giveaway 2019

1339 is cleaning and inventorying in preparation for our off season build. Local pickup only, I’m not shipping this stuff. Take it all is preferred, but I’ll part it out. First come, first served. Et cetera.

-One 2018 cube full of CIM motors, mini-CIMs, and BAG motors. Mostly new or barely used. Probably like 30 motors in all

-15ish stealth wheels, 4"

-a set plus a spare of barely used 4" Vex mecanums

-10ish 4" colsons, painted red but still battle worthy

-led light strips

-Two giant wheels

-Vex parts, like clamping gearboxes and plastic versablocks and random other

-Various Banebots sticky wheels

-About 20 6" pneumatic wheels, never used, with steel hubs. We bought these thinking they would be a good way to get tires and tubes and found they need some modification, so we just left them in the box

-I don’t remember what else, it’s at the bottom

Contact me if interested. Have fun!


If there’s not an Frc team in the area that needs em I have used for the motors and any of the 4” or smaller wheels (sorry I just have zero use for anything larger)

Am local but would much prefer them go to local teams. (I’ll check with the team out of our maker space out this way)

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Mr. Noble,
Team 3288 would be interested in said parts. I believe they would go a long way in helping us out. I can even arrange for them to be picked up. If they have not already been spoken for we would be interested.

-Mr. Kipp
Head Coach - Team 3288

The mecanum wheels and some motors have been taken, the rest is still available to whoever gets here first.

I can see already that this is a big mistake. If you’ve seen the inventory of parts for the 2020 game, all of these are needed in large quantities!!!

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Where is this located?



Hey Joel,

It’s Arthur from Team 2259. I’d be interested in taking a look tomorrow if you got some time before 10.

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Yeah c’mon over

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