1339 Open Alliance: Super Pit

I should add that with shipping the cases came to about $7K, so I think the price difference wasn’t that large. I also know that some of the prices for materials went up in the time since we ordered, so that definitely will effect other teams who choose to purchase these.

Wow, this looks amazing. Could you show a photo of the Bosch cases while being stored without the retaining plates if possible? Also, how is your team’s experience with those Noco Genius chargers? On their website they don’t have that good of reviews so I wanted to hear from yall

I think there are some quirks with the Noco chargers, I need to talk with the kids about this and see what they’ve experienced so far. Here is a photo of the boxes minus the retaining piece.


Thank you! I didn’t realize until now the Bosch cases have flanges sticking out on the sides so you can store them. It makes a lot more sense now. Yeah if you could as your team about the battery chargers that would be great!


Are those 2 bigger cases custom designed? I’ve looked on multiple case making websites that teams have gotten that specific design from but cannot find it in the pre-built or “already designed” section.


I think in the 4414 Pit Writeup they were custom but since Omega Cases has the plans for them from building 4414’s they just made another one of those. So while it’s technically custom and not prebuilt like you would find on the website you can just ask for 4414’s case configs and you can get it like that


Awesome, thanks! Its just that I saw so many teams with similar setups from different companies that I thought I was missing something. Guess I’m not blind after all

JJ’s advice: “Call, ask for Randy, ask him for the High Tide Special, and go from there”


This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, wish we had space for all that in our shop, alas, that aint happening, can’t wait to see it in person at kcmt hopefully!


I believe 4414 uses it as part of their shop workspace, not just at tournaments in the pits. Could save a lot of space.

Yeah, they have their pit setup at their shop then just pack it up for comps I believe.


ik, we don’t even got space for using it sadly

So much Knipex, Wera, and Wiha. I like your style.


Amazing Team !! World class, EPIC!!

Do you guys have an approximate cost for the overall pit? I want to do something like this and wondering how much it would cost.

$10k. This could go up or down depending on a number of factors, like for instance, we could have used foam floor tiles and not bought Kaizen foam, and that would have saved several hundred dollars. We also already had a lot of the tools and supplies, so we didn’t have to invest there.


Count 987 as impressed… and jealous! Thanks for sharing!


How did you guys cut your kaizen foam horizontally? We are having trouble splitting our foam layers and making the foam block thinner

We didn’t; we ordered it in three different thicknesses depending on where we intended to use them.

Oh alright. For cutting vertically, did you use a knife soldering iron or just a regular knife. We are finding it hard to also cut cleanly into the foam