1339 Robot for 2019


Hey folks. It’s certainly been a tough build season, what with me going on strike with the other teachers in my district, and us losing access to our CNC for the year that we needed to cut a record number of parts. I want to thank teams 1619, 1410, 2240, and especially 4293 for all the help they offered us as we struggled with where and how to build when we were locked out of our space.

Nevertheless, I am proud of the students and their amazing work. The design is our most technically challenging one yet. We chose to focus on the lowest level scoring opportunities this year, believing that blazing cycle times would outperform tall and tippy robots under defensive duress. Also a level 3 HAB climber. We will see how our strategy plays out! It worked out well last year for our friends 4944, 4499, and 1011. Thanks y’all for the inspiration.

The kids have taken to calling this robot the Xenomorph and I don’t blame them. The hatch mechanism and ball intake both are reminiscent of the Alien creature.

Looking forward to playing with y’all in AZ North and Colorado. Hope to make it to Houston as well!

Who is the best "low focus" cycler?

Looks like a super cool bot. I’m sure those cycle times will be blazing, can’t wait to see y’all at Denver!


That’s one mean looking bot! Can’t wait to see you guys at Colorado!


I really like the black, very nice looking finish. See y’all in a few weeks at CO!



Can’t wait to see you guys at Colorado.


You guys look amazing! We wish you were coming to Utah again, but will have to content ourselves with watching from afar.


Bot looks great, glad 1410 could help. We look forward to seeing what it can do at Colorado.


Definitely can see the 254 2018 inspiration in this robot. Looks fantastic!


Impressive as always!


Great Bot! Awesome Job Guys!


Good luck to you guys! Looks like a super sharp robot. Do you have any video? Would love to see!


Good Luck this year! We’ll be seeing you in AZN :grin:


The robot looks amazing! Cant wait to see it at Colorado.


Turns out we will be in Utah after all. See you soon!