1346 Is in the Crate

While I can’t say we’re “finished” as there is lots left to do in Portland and Seattle, we are relatively (compared to some years) pleased with what is going in our crate, and that we managed to get a bit of practice time in this year. When you drive and test and test and drive until you run out of batteries and have to wait for the CIM’s to cool down, you can be reasonably comfortable that things will hold together at least for the first match or two.

We’re still working the bugs out of auto, but the sensors for that seem to be working okay. (Gyro, IR Rangefinder, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, IR board and… as a backup… gear tooth sensors are available.)

There is a bit of video here, and while it is basically “just another” front lifting pneumatic launcher, we take particular pride in carrying on our team’s tradition of empasizing wood as a key structural component, and that our lifters are truly Canadian.

In less than two weeks we’ll know whether we’re on the right track with this machine.



Very Nice Robot! Good Luck.

d(’-'d) Very nice.