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I know that my teacher has already uploaded a picture of 1346’s two robots for 2010. As the website editor of Trobotics.ca, I have also uploaded many photos and videos at the following links:

[The latest test video…](http://trobotics.ca/#Roller Test 1)

… and the 2010 gallery.](http://trobotics.ca/#Build Season 2010)

  • Allan Kuan
    DT Trobotics 2010

Good job, Allan!

The “ball magnet” in the video is using an FP geared 26:1 by a banebots P60 on a 2" diameter roller with roughtop tread.

We’ve got the practice robot here in Vancouver, so we’re going to make a few changes… hopefully they will let us back up and stop with slightly higher rates of acceleration without losing contact with the ball.

And I’m thinking we’ll have a few pounds left on our weight limit to add a winch, now that we see how low the scores are likely to be.