1389 CAD and strategy

Team 1389 Strategy Overview

Robot Goals:

For our primary goals, we went with elements of the robot that were necessary to effect our strategy. For example, a 6-CIM drivetrain is necessary for our robot due to our need to be able to evade the defense in order to score points. Since we need to score points for our alliance, we added an intake to our primary goals. A ball in the robot does not score any points, so we added a shooter to our primary goals. This shooter is turreted in order to give the drivers a larger area on the field from which they can shoot and score successfully. Other goals are that we can shoot a boulder into both the low and high goals as well as shoot over any defender who is in our way. Finally, we added passing beneath the low bar and crossing type C and D defenses to our primary goals to prevent reliance on one type of defense

Our secondary goals address elements of the design that could be added later on to bolster our strategy. One of these goals is a device that allows the robot to climb the tower at the end of the match in order to earn match points and a ranking point. We also decided to add a portcullis and cheval de frise lifting device to our secondary goals for the purpose of making our robot able to defeat a greater range of defenses.

Our last set of goals address elements that would assist our gameplay but are not necessary to effect our strategy. This encompasses the ability to defeat both the drawbridge and sally port as well as having a wedge on the front of the robot that can be used to push the defender away from our robot in order to clear a path for our robot to shoot through.

Match Strategy:

During autonomous, our first action would be to cross a defense for ten points. Once we are in the opponent’s courtyard, we would score in the low goal for an additional five points. When teleop starts, we would reenter the neutral zone, pick up a boulder from our secret passage, and cross another defense for five points. We would then shoot the boulder we had picked up into the low goal. We would repeat this another four times for a total of ten points. Finally, we would drive to the base of the opponent’s courtyard and challenge it for five more points. This adds up to a total of 35 points.


Our robot is designed to accomplish our primary goals and execute our match strategy in less than one match(2 minutes 30 seconds). The robot is built on a drive base with six pneumatic wheels, which allows it to cross type D defenses. These wheels are driven with six CIM motors to allow for maximum power when attempting to evade a defender. On the top, the robot has a combined intake and shooter mechanism mounted on a turntable, which allows the shooter to rotate independently of the robot. The shooter also is attached to motors which allow the shooter to adjust its angle. This design also allows for an easily accessible electrical board and space for the battery.  


Nice turret! I am curious to know why you went with a low goal shooter though, it seems as long as you are shooting you might as well adjust the angle of your shooter and launch the boulder a little higher.

With such a complex and effective looking turret you should really focus more on utilizing it. What sensors are you planning on utilizing on this robot?
Also does it have a name?

We can adjust the angle, azimuth and RPM so we are able to shoot from anywhere we want. We also have a sweet spot based on our no defender strategy that we will optimize for from an automation perspective.

We have encoders on every motor, ir distance sensors to identify ball location, a camera for auto targeting and distance finding, and load cell for ball density sensors. We are also using the NavX IMU to assit with driving where we intend to in auton as well as assisting the teleop driver.

As for the name we are still working on it.

So I see your match strategy is sticking to the low goal I was curious because it look like your turret would also benefit from the high goal. I see your planning on making 4 to 5 low goals but it could also help an alliance receive points if you can make 1 or 2 high also. What defenses are you guys planning to cross? Hopefully we get paired for a match this year at Greater DC District event.

Here is an update on our sensors

I believe that you have severely limited yourselves by targeting putting the ball in the low goal. i also question why you say your targeting C and D defenses. I don’t want to try and put words in your mouth but I believe that you meant B and D defenses. Also i think that over all your strategy is fine but I really recommend that if your going to have that kind of manipulator/shooter than you aim for the high goal. The difference in points is 3 per goal, and when you add up all of those goals you need to score the difference is 16 points (8 boulders x 2 points per low goal) and 40 (8 boulders x 5 points per high goal)/ your difference there is 24 points.

Thanks for the recommendations. Here is what the scouting team has been updating.


Its getting closer, here are some videos of initial testing. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaJ2K33GUrbb2VmmeLwlmrXS81A8KXs7d