1389's site

We are a very rookie team, but I think the website is pretty good.

(We are too cheap for a real domain)

That is a very good site. The content is great and the flash intro cool. :slight_smile:

The only problem I saw was the light blue on the white. I was straining my eyes to see the text in that color.

yea, I have the gray table up at the top for the nav.
I just was too lazy to set the links in the body to be darker.

It looks pretty decent, and I like the flash animation. It would be very easy to change link colors and stuff using CSS. It would also get rid of annoying font tags. If you don’t know CSS and want to pick it up, a great place to start is http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp . Also, I’m not a huge fan of your title above the lighting graphic. In my opinion, it leaves a lot of empty space. I’d try and put it into the left part of the lightning graphic (and probably put a black, partially-transparent background behind the title). Either way, it looks good.

I’m no expert, but one quick note:

Flash intros are great, and I can see that your flash intro was well-thought out and planned, and a lot of hard work.

But I, for some reason, have this bias against flash intro that seemingly have no design purpose, other than to say, “hey, we have a flash intro, what now yo!?!”.

Once again, I’m not saying your flash intro is bad or anything, im just saying you might want to rethink having an intro in the first place… :slight_smile: