1390 promo video '05

I made these videos for team 1390 last semester.

The first one is a video that shows how greatly the team has improved from its rookie year (2004) to that beginning of this school year. This video was also shown on Access St. Cloud, a TV shown on the TV sets of St. Cloud citizens.
This video may be seen here

The second video has different music put to it, but has many of the same videos as the first one. It was cut down so we can show it to potential sponsors without loosing interest too quickly. It may be seen here.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out the video on the 1390 t-shirt cannon. The link to it is in my signature.

Which video do you all like the best, and why? Expect a new one coming down the pike soon.

Wow, good job guys. It rocks.

I like the part where you pull down the other bot =]]

Keep up the good work, we’ll see you at regionals.

Very nice Barry, as always your videos are great. I think it’s just the right length to show something about the team but not to long that it would bore non-addicted people :slight_smile:

Great promotional video.

You guys are great, can’t wait to see you guys at UCF. Keep up the good work.


simply another great video barry! great job to you and the team!

keep up the good work and cya all in less than a week :slight_smile:

but to answer your question:
yes the shorter one is better to reach those that don’t know much and you picked great shots to capture their attention

I just realized the two videos I posted were indeed the same video. The longer version can be seen here. It has video from 1390’s rookie year in 2004. It’s a tad bit choppy though. Enjoy!

Barry, thanks for everything, we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for everything you have done for our team. Thank you