13th Episode of the RoboZone Podcast now LIVE!

Good Morning Everyone,

The 13th Episode of the RoboZone Podcast is now LIVE and can be accessed in a couple of ways:

SoundCloud: www.SoundCloud.com/robozonepodcast
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb4INiQcXOg
iTunes: Search for RoboZone Podcast

I am always looking for new viewpoints on not only Steamworks but I am focused on providing knowledge on starting a team or perhaps mentors that can help provide the knowledge on starting a team. If you are interested please contact me at robozonepodcast@gmail.com!

We look for individuals in the community to also nominate Mentor, Drive Team and Team of the Week for each episode! So if you would like to nominate a group or individual please email me!