14 inches out of the frame?

The Robot must satisfy the following size constraints:
horizontal dimensions must not exceed 28 by 38 in.,
the absolute height must not exceed 84 in.,
the height of the Robot at the start of the match must not exceed 60 in.,
**any appendage may not extend more than 14 in. beyond the frame perimeter, **and no other part of the Robot may extend beyond the vertical projection of the Frame Perimeter (with the exception of minor protrusions permitted per 0).

Does the frame include the bumpers or not?

We had this same argument/discussion today, and we came up with this from the Blue Box of <R01>:

The Robot must have a Frame Perimeter that is comprised of fixed, non-articulated structural elements of the Robot. The Frame Perimeter of a Robot is defined by the outer-most set of exterior verticies on the Robot that are within the Bumper Zone, which is between 2 and 10 in. from the floor. Minor protrusions no greater than ¼ in. such as bolt heads, fastener ends, and rivets are not considered part of the Frame Perimeter.

Emphasis mine, but we interpreted this as saying that the FP does NOT include bumpers, only the perimeter that can/will be COVERED by bumpers.

No it does not include the bumpers

Thats what the openings in the bumper zone are for. You always count front eh frame perimeter. So roughly 10 inches outside the bumpers is your reach.

I was hoping this wasn’t true since I came to the same conclusion, I just wanted a second opinion. Is there a minimum width, so to speak for the bumpers?

Ah ok.

Based on the rules it is saying that the frame perimeter does not include the bumpers because in years past whenever they have checked for the horizontal frame constraints it has been without the bumpers

[R28] mandates 3/4" plywood backing the bumpers and the use of 2.5" pool noodles, so about 3", give or take.