1403 Kick-Off Ideas

Hey members of the FIRST community,
Team 1403 Cougar Robotics is hosting a kick-off at Mongomery High School. For those of you who are planning to come, we were wondering what kind of things you want to see at kick-off (ex: workshops, college fair…etc) COOL THANKS :]
~Team 1403

Even though my team is hosting our own remote kickoff, I figure I might as well put in my two cents. So I go, make sure that you have sufficient seating for all who are coming (trust me, it’s not fun standing up and being bored for two hours until the game is released), if you can get some of your mentors, see if they can build a game field to be displayed on kick-off day, and make sure there is food to be had to lighten up the mood. There you go, my two cents.

Team 1189 attends a kick-off hosted by team 503 (Frog Force). I’ve added a few links to their website.

Hereyou can see a brief description on what they do. You can contact them via e-mail here, if you have questions, or are looking for advice. I’m sure that they’d be more than happy to help you guys out.

It really is impressive what you’re doing, and I hope you are successful.
Bona Fortuna!

What you guys have done in the past has been great from what I’ve heard.

One suggestion would just be to talk to 1279 and 1089 and set up presentations for the teams attending about the control system.

Just fyi to people making suggestions- 1403 is not new to this :slight_smile:

Something, I’d like suggest if time at the school permits…

After the kickoff is done… Mix up the teams attending, take a few from each team, and set up multiple groups made up of different members from different teams.

Let them brain storm for an hour or some amount of time.

Then have each group present to everyone how they would approach playing the game, robot manipulator ideas, autonomous ideas.

This way everyone goes home with some food for thought and collaborates. You’d be surprised how mixing up teams will spur creative and cooperative ideas

Here is a suggestion, look at some of the repeat and recent award winners in your area and have them give a short 3-5 minutes presentation on a few tips they would give to each team on how to win a certain award (Safety, Imagery, Quality, Creativity, building up to EI & Chairman’s). Make sure the tips aren’t just a restatement of the award definition, but the tips are examples of what they did.

Maybe come up with some form of competition, get teams to be competitive with each other (Graciously and Professionally of course). At kickoff teams tend to be shy with each other, but competitive spirit is something that unites all of FIRST.