1418's autonomous progress

We spent the weekend working hard on our autonomous modes. Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Nice work guys can’t wait to compete hopefully at a Chesapeake District event or at Chesapeake District Championship

I enjoy the backup against the wall to straighten out on your scale routine. Looks good!

Agreed, reminds me of doing this in FLL all the time.

As much as I think that the ramming up against the back is a great idea for making sure you’re lined up with the scale, I think you end up wasting quite a bit of time for this. Our team personally probably won’t be dead reckoning like that, but for 1418, I have a small suggestion: Start auto backwards. That way you can drive over backwards and dead reckon immediately into the fence rather than turning towards the scale first then backing up. Shaving off a second off of your auto might really be worth it this year. Still, looking really good!

Looks good! We have some semblance of an autonomous code but no where near the pace yinz are at.

Checks Location

Yeap, western PA.

Great progress guys! Absolutely ingenious to use the sides of the field to square yourselves up! Also, good call on getting finished early and hammering down autonomous.

Good luck this year!

I’ve been following your stuff on social media. It all looks good so far. Yet there’s still a bit of room for optimization. See you in week 2!

I’m impressed! Can’t wait to see how it works in matches!

Looks really, really good :slight_smile:

With a couple weeks left no doubt you’ll be able to improve on it a lot, but a lot of the important stuff is already there. I am so excited to see 1418 in match this season!