1418's Climb Video / Reveal Video Teaser 2019




Can’t wait to see it at competition!


Please be careful with the rods on those cylinders! I saw them get smashed into the front face of the platform at 0:13 and they will not enjoy it if that happens repeatedly.


We’re working on the design now with that in mind, this is just one of our early prototypes


Are you guys planning a level 3 climb?


With how tall we are we haven’t been able to pull off a level 3 climb yet, bit we’ll see


Oof. Be careful!



We’ve made it so that right now instead of bending the piston, at a certain amount of pressure it leans over, hingjng kn its mounting plate. Ill post pictures tomorrow when I get to school.


It would be very difficult to bend a piston, but the rod is easy.


It looks as though you guys are using bearing on the bottom of the pistons. Our team has something very similar and according to R7 it says that traction devices having metal are not allowed. So we’re trying to figure out something else. Just something to look out for


Get yourself some gaffer’s tape. Wrap it around the bearing. Your traction device is now contacting the carpet with tape not metal. #engineering


That’s what I was thinking but I didn’t know if during inspection the inspectors would be picky


I don’t know if I would consider the bearing a “traction device”. It’s certainly there to reduce traction, not increase it. The intent of the rule is to prevent teams from using metal studs or such that will damage the field carpet.

That being said, you definitely want to follow the letter of the rule and plan for all the possible interpretations an inspector can make; gaffers tape should be fine.


Maybe a cross section of large diameter surgical tubing?


It looks really simple. I love it. I hope you don’t run into trouble in regards to the pistons bending.


Here’s the previously promised piston pictures. We switched out the metal wheels with spacers that are the same size, so thats no longer an issue. We also made it so that when pressure is applied to the piston rod, instead of the piston bending the mounting plate bends a bit (see the pictures).