1418's Fundraising Arcade Machine (Game Suggestions)

We aren’t emulating ANYTHING. We’re using generic linux ports of all these games.

Ahhh… I get it. Your using cheap knockoff’s of the game.:slight_smile:

Cheap is always a good thing, unless you are building a robot. :smiley:

Perhaps another alternative is to make your own cheap flash knock-off, which (at least to my rather limited knowlege) would place the copyright into your hands.

Can’t get cheaper then GPL!

We’ve spent $93 dollars so far, which means 372 games of PacMan before we break even. If Home Depot donates the cabinet building material, that’s all we’ll need to spend, if they don’t we’re looking at roughly 744 games of PacMan before we break even. Assuming 10 games a day are played (which is a conservative estimate for a $0.25 game) that means we’ll break even before kickoff. :wink:

There’s a FIRST game?! :ahh:


whole forum on it :o

its still being designed

You could also add Pole Position and Arkanoid.

how bout marvel vs. Capcom.

its’ not that violent and most people would probably like it.

Arkanoid was the first game I thought of. Although, I was a big fan of Spy Hunter. I always get that stupid song in my head though.

I get a lot of video game songs stuck in my head.

By the way, why not just add DDR to the list.