148 Robowranglers 2019: Overhang

The Robowranglers are proud to present our 2019 robot, Overhang.

We will be competing at the Amarillo and Dallas districts, and the World Championship in Houston. Hope to see you there!

Congratulations to all teams for getting through build season and good luck in the upcoming season!

Thank you to our sponsors, Greenville ISD, Innovation First International Inc., and L-3 ISR Systems.




What kind of drivetrain do they have?
I cant tell from the vid.

From when they climb, looks like 6WD, with 4 omnis in the outer corners.

Alright, this is epic

So many different robots and mechanisms at the beginning of the video O.o its like you had 5 FRC teams design their own robots, then selected the best one. Incredible work!

Another great inspirational robot from 148! Congrats guys and good luck this season!

Awesome as usual! That climber is especially wild. How much of that design was influenced to take advantage of the fact that scores aren’t counted until 5 seconds after the buzzer?

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Another excellent robot from the Robowranglers. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.

Bansbach easylift?

@DRow do you plan on adding a mechanism to pick up hatches from the ground?

Nice tilted elevator, like 2056 from last year. It is interesting to me that 148 switched elevator styles after last year’s elevator proved to be one of the fastest and smoothest in all of FRC. The elevator on this robot looks to be quite a bit slower.


Awe inspiring, as always. :smile:

That cargo claw that can go over the top is awesome. Definitely has that cool factor. Best of luck this season!

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Very interesting climb! Do you guys plan on retracting until you’re not in contact with the ground to comply with climb rules?

Love the cargo flipper, too.

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Another beautifully black machine from the one and only Robowranglers. Very well done, and I’m seriously looking forward to seeing this machine compete.

103 had an eerily similar intake/outtake idea (early picture of a computer screen here (sorry)) that went through a bunch of iterations but ultimately never left CAD Land. It makes me very happy to see it so well executed here.

Could you walk us through the climb, “Ankle break,” mechanism for a second? Is there some kind of disengage that hits when it reaches it’s maximum height?

I’d also like to personally thank you for sending us one of your intake versions from last year. It has been a huge learning experience from a design and manufacturing standpoint for our team and is lovingly called the x-wing, though TIE fighter might be more fitting.

Ever since 2008, I fell in love with this team! Nice work guys!

Tilting climbers unite!

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How can you guarantee that you are competing at Worlds?

They won champs last year, auto-invite.

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