148 Robowranglers 2019: Overhang

They are also an original and sustaining team. Double qualified.

At long last, a robot with feet. :slightly_smiling_face:


JVN put up a blog post this afternoon that answers a few of the questions asked in this thread.

Check it out here: https://johnvneun.com/blog/2019/2/24/2019-update-6-overhang


Have your practice bot be White and Gold, and let’s see :+1:

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Beautiful bot, cant wait to see this in action.

I want to say 4’’ westcoast front omni, just guessing but it appears that way

West coast drive is characterized by having cantilevered wheels. That photo shows a traditional tank drive.


Continue to impress 148…great job!

Now to qualify for Houston so we can see it in action!

We’ve just published our 2019 Robot CAD to the Robowrangler website. It can be found on this page:



Wdym? Drivethru happened! Thats a win!

welp as in “welp, you were right”

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What is the purpose of the slanted elevator?

In your drive train there is a block (G19-110-015-P Rev1) that appears to be used to mount the different parts of the drive train together. What is the material that you used to make this? Are the holes threaded?
Thanks, this is such a great resource to learn from.
Ian McTavish

I was taking a look at the CAD for your hatch panel mech, and I saw you have, what I assume to be based off numbering, a 10-32 half inch long bolt going into the shaft of the piston. How does this work, I don’t see how you can make that connection. image

Also on this, how do you keep your pivot shafts on this mech from just falling out?

Ian Jensen

If you take a look through the documents for the VexPro 1/2’’ stroke 3/4" bore air cylinder (commonly used for drivetrain gearbox shifting) or have one in your hand, you might notice that the 10-32 thread is a short threaded rod, and the end of the piston rod is actually female threaded for a 10-32 screw. It’s a bit of a pain to actually get that threaded rod out sometimes, but it lets you do neat stuff like this.

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are the pistons in the model the same as pancakes, they look bigger than the model off vexpro?

They’re likely from the same line of products. Vex has the manufacturer’s datasheet that shows other sizes the same style cylinder is available in. There’s a few that all use 10-32 female threads.


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