1481 Standard Chassis!

This is Team 1481 The Riveter’s Standard Chassis, created over the 2018 off-season by Meghan Rotole (project lead and general all around awesome person), Reese Faunt, Joseph Mueller, James Hogg, Kendal Lavigne, Patricia Andrews, Casey Baldwin, and Julianna Santillan, (as well as help and moral support from all our gracious mentors).

The design is driven by a skeleton part titled The_Mother.ipt, instead of a spreadsheet, dimensions and factors for the chassis are input and controlled within this model. The chassis, bumpers, and wheels are parametrically driven by this skeleton file, using I-Logic to enable and suppress individual components such as a front opening and wheel sizes. The I-Logic must be turned on to work properly! The standard gearbox can drive 4”, 6”, and 8” wheels from 8 to 16 fps without changing the side plates.

The CAD includes both Autodesk Inventor and STEP files. Drawings for chassis and bumper components are included in the release on GrabCAD and are parametrically updated by The_Mother.ipt as well. The HSM Inventor CAM files are included in the Autodesk part files.

So why did we do this? Why can’t we just make the chassis from scratch after the game is announced?

During the 2018 season it took 2 weeks to fully design our chassis in CAD, with this new chassis, we could be done in less than an hour. The Team 1481 Standard Chassis is a parametric (big word) driven design tool for generating a Midwest tank drive using variables you type in. Plug in desired length, width, number of wheels, etc. and out comes a design and CAD to start your build.

Link to CAD: https://grabcad.com/library/team-1481-s-parametric-standard-chassis-rev-2-1

Link to video walk through: https://youtu.be/ruz2RdQnts8