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Hello Teams!

As we approach the final week of build season, we would like to help out by offering 15% off of all of our products! But hurry! This coupon will expire on February 23, at 11:59 EST. Limit first 100 customers. To redeem your coupon, enter the following code at checkout:

Coupon Code: STRONGHOLD2016
You can find all of our products at: http://thespinoff.biz/store/
To contact us, please email us at: [email protected]

This coupon applies to all of the items on our website, including our flagship product, The Pulsinator:


The Pulsinator is a simple, affordable, handheld, user friendly device for controlling or testing motors and servos! Simply connect the Pulsinator to the motor controller or servo and turn the knob to control the motor. It is compatible with Talon, Victor, and Jaguar motor controllers, as well as some types of servos. The Pulsinator is a high quality tool, designed and fabricated by Spinoff Solutions in the USA. Its custom design and durable construction makes it the perfect tool for your needs.

Before the Pulsinator, many teams had to use an expensive power supply or wait for their robot to be wired up and running code before they could test a prototype. The Pulsinator eliminates the need for these expensive tools and makes testing prototypes extremely simple. All you need to get your prototype working is a battery, a motor controller, a motor, and a Pulsinator. Simply turn the knob to rotate the motor forward, backwards, and at variable speeds.

We wish you luck in the final week of build season!
~The Spinoff Team

To learn more about project The Pulsinator, and Project Spinoff, visit the link below:

Pulsinator? Is Spinoff an Ellis Island truncation of Spinoffenschmirtz?

Have you tested the Pulsinator with the Talon SRX, Spark, or SD540B?

And if you haven’t already, but plan to, could you please capture a picture of an oscilloscope trace showing the PWM signal when driving each of the above-mentioned controllers.

No, Spinoff is exactly what it sounds like. Our full name is Spinoff Solutions, LLC. I’m not quite sure what Spinoffenschmirtz stands for or even means. :slight_smile:

Yes, great question! The Pulsinator has been tested and is fully compatible with the Talon SRX, Spark, and the SD540B motor controllers. The Pulsinator outputs a standard PWM drive signal with a high time ranging from 1.0 - 2.0ms. This makes the Pulsinator compatible with every motor controller that uses that standard configuration.

What about signal strength? How many mA can the Pulsinator deliver into a 150 ohm load?

Is the signal strong enough to command 2 Victor 888 controllers with a Y cable?

Good question! The Pulsinator has a maximum output current of 40mA. (For reference the RoboRio’s PWM channels are current limited to 15mA.) This makes the Pulsinator great for driving multiple motor controllers with a splitter cable. The Pulsinator has been tested driving 3 motor controllers (Talon SR, Talon SRX, Victor 888, Jaguar, Spark) using a three way splitter, and it works very well, giving full speed in both directions. This makes the Pulsinator a great tool for testing drivetrain gearboxes or other applications.