$1500.00 Machine shop

Hi All
I had a great time volunteering in the machine shops at Las Vegas and Phoenix
Seeing old friends and making new ones is always fun,
In talking with the Students and Mentors I went and opened my mouth and said I could put a small table top machine shop together for about $1500.00
Now I am happy to say my mouth is foot free!
The machines and tooling in the following list are not the “Top of the Line” but are of proven quality and I have either purchased or have personal experience with each tool listed and should provide a good starter shop for robotics or any other machine projects
(I converted the same mill to CNC about 2 years ago for less then $800.00)

Harbor Freight (http://www.harborfreight.com)
1pc Mini Mill (R8) #44991-2VGA $489.99
1pc Mini Lathe 7x10” #93212-2VGA $399.99
1pc Drill Press ½” #38119-0VGA $ 59.99
1pc Band Saw #93762-1VGA $199.99
1pc Grinder 8” #90022-0VGA $ 54.99
1pc Drill Chuck (2mt) #42340-2VGA $ 7.99
ST $1212.94
CDCO (http://www.cdcotools.com)
1pc Mill Vise 4” #21003 $ 95.00
1pc Clamp Kit #24802 $ 38.00
1set Parallels #37201 $ 27.00
1pc Drill Chuck #25003 $ 10.00
1pc Arbor (5/8) #21303 $ 4.00
1pc Edge finder #60601 $ 5.00
1pc Wiggler #60603 $ 6.00
1set End Mills #45901 $ 48.00
ST $ 314.00
Enco (http://www.use-enco.com
1set Lathe tools #383-4300 $ 37.95
1set R8 Collets #231-4611 $ 37.95
ST $ 75.90
TOTAL $1521.84

This is a very basic setup and will fit on a 3’x8’ table (band saw under)
Taxes and Shipping is not include
If there is an interest I can put together some other packages for people with a more space / bigger budget
Please let me know what you would like to see
Have Fun

PS its going to be great to see what everyone else comes up with,