1501 Robot Video's

Here is a link to a list of videos that we took of our robot shooting, etc. Feel free to check them out. :smiley:

‘The Scorpion’ Videos](http://www.teamthrust.us//index.php?option=com_simpleboard&Itemid=40&func=view&catid=4&id=35#35)

that is one amazing shooting machine you got there!

Very nice shooter. Its accuracy is flawless!

We love it at least. Now we just need to find our buffer… :D. :ahh: Blinded by the robot. Oh btw if you take a picture at the competition, make sure to watch the flash from your camera, you don’t want a white picture, lol.

I think this is the first video that shows a robot moving and firing at the same time.
It can also walk and chew gum at the same time :slight_smile: Of course chewing gum and firing gets to be kind of messy :smiley:
See you at Boilermaker. Good luck to all FIRST’ers.

Here are some more pictures of our robot too…


That is a truly amazing robot. You guys really raise the bar for everybody.

How heavy is that launch wheel? And what do you use to power it?

The launcher is made up two 7" wheelchair wheels tied to one of the large CIM motors. The motor turns at 2500 rpm :ahh:
Near the motor is a gear and gear tooth sensor that adjusts the motor rpm to compensate for the load of the ball as it is launched (closed loop). Thus the motor doesn’t bog down with multiple ball launches.
Our ball elevator uses the FP motor and gearbox.