1503 thanks 188 and 772

On behalf of team 1503 (Spartonics), I would like to thank team 188 (The Blizzard) and team 772 (Club Sandwich) for playing a wonderful game with us. we did amazing out there guys, We did alot of last minute stratagizing, And we almost always pulled off our plan. I had a great time on the field at my first regional. And to 772, I’m looking forward to seeing you at the GTA regional.

Thanks a ton for being such awesome partners!! You guys were great! It was great allying with people who we saw in Rochester who cheered us on :D. Being able to work with teams who also happen to be awesome people is what makes a competition so much fun, no matter what the outcome. Thank you all!!!

Our alliance was extremely solid and we all worked really well as a team. I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys once again in Mississauga!!! 188, what an awesome claw! I’m so glad you won the award for that design. Every time we were paired up during qualification we seemed to work well and it really showed in the elimination rounds. You guys had awesome team spirit too, it was really a pleasure to meet you all. Best of luck in California!

If you (or anyone for that matter) want I can send you a video I took of the match we got into semi-finals with. It isn’t the best though… every time we capped a tetra I would start cheering while holding the camera… yeah… haha!

We also would like to greatly thank 1503 and 772. I truly believe that we had the strongest offensive alliance out there, and that we would have been the only set of teams that could have taken on the juggernaut of the winners 1305, 68 and 1241. It was great to have 3 Canadian teams working together, all of them with tremendous respect and intensity as we all did.

772, you guys were totally amazing at capping and recapping those centre goals while fending off the other caps of 40. When I first saw your machine at Finger Lakes, I was taken aback at how effectively you were able to score, but now I know you guys are the real deal. You have great driving and great control, I cant emphasize that enough. Thank you for picking us and making this alliance truly stand out. I wish we could have another opportunity to work with you this year!

1503, the same to you. It was a pleasure working with a NiagaraFIRST team because we knew we could count on you guys to strategize and be totally up to the challenge of working in such a high intensity environment. We played that match exactly the way we wanted to, just minus that penalty.

Again, I believe we had an amazingly strong alliance, capable of dominating offensively if we were only fortunate enough to reach the finals. In any case, it was great fun working with these two teams and I advise everyone to be on the lookout for them in the future!

What a rush of so many different emotions today!

The thrill of the quarter-finals in executing what was a perfect match for all three of our robots.

The high of deflecting an onslaught of an all-out defensive crush the very next match, and still controlling 7 goals in the end.

And the agony after thinking we perfectly executed our plan in the semi’s only to be hit with a 30 point penalty that cost us the match (I will save the controversy for another day :smiley: ).

I can still distinctly recall the pandemonium that ensued in the driver stations of our alliance after every win. And I tell you, we had every reason to be excited.

Club Sandwich and Spartonics, thank you for making a wonderful Waterloo Regional an incredible one!!!

WOW… is it all over? I really have to say that was an amazing alliance we had there! The amount of hard work and effort put in by all 3 teams was just amazing. I myself being part of the Animation team for 772 am amazed at all what happened. I just have to thank Team 188 and 1503 for an awesome alliance. Controversy will happen anywhere, just wish it didn’t have to happen at the Waterloo regional. I guess we all fought hard and got really far. Team 188 had an awesome tetra manipulation mechanism. Truly ingenious! Team 1503, Awesome defense. I love how you guys were able to make a reputation for yourselves when you had 2 other clones. All in all excellent work and hope to see you guys at the Hershey Centre on Thursday!

Aruj Chawla aka Brown Surfer or UPS

Hey all,

I just wanted to say thanks for that amazing competition. As a rookie myself on 1503 I had alot of fun with my rookie team, especially on the field with you guys, Team 188, and Team 772, I was going to let the other arm driver drive in the next competition but because of you two teams and how awsome we were on the field my mentors want me to do the rest of the season. With the defensive part on us we had never done anything defensive until that day, we didn’t even practice defensive skills at our practice field back home. I hope to work with you guys again at the Hershey Centre or even at Atlanta in the finals.

Thanks again.

Hey all I would like a copy of that video please. It woluld really help our media on our team.