1510's Scouting

This is an excel sheet built off of this one.

The important thing, is that while version 2.X could only be used for last year’s game, version 3.X can be used for every year’s game. It does this by dynamically generating a database based on the number of teams and user defined score types.

The new version can be found here. Please give me any feedback on bugs/questions/comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Apparently the compressed file was not working for some people. I have uploaded a new file which should work for everyone. The link is the same, for a direct link, click here.

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to look at this or play around with it. For those of you who scout using at least 1 computer, my goal was to create a program that auto-generates a scouting database based on user-entered settings. This way you can have a complete database within minutes after KO. I am currently working on a new program (in C++/C#) that will be faster and have improved functionality.