1511 Recycle Rush Scouting

This year 1511 has decided to release our scouting resources for other teams to use. Our Pit Scouting Sheet and Match Scouting Sheet Can be found on the White Papers section.

The system of match scouting that we are using for the second year in a row is based on 6 scouts each filling out 1 sheet for each match a robot is in. The match scouting sheet is essentially like a scantron, the scout checks boxes for the actions that they see and then the Lead Scout takes care of scanning the sheet and using the data from there.

Also posted is our pit scouting sheet. My mentality behind pit scouting is that it should be completed on Thursday for Regionals, it should only ask questions that cannot be quantitatively evaluated on the field and it should be supplemented with a picture of the robot. I highly recommend getting pictures of robots printed out for your scouters so they can easily find the robot that they need to scout; many robot will look similar this year (because a lot of robots will be tall) and it remains to be seen if the new numbering system on the robots will make a scouter’s job of identifying robots easier or harder. (I think it will be harder because there is no central place to look and it could be placed on some hard to see place, ie the drive train frame.)

Feel free to use the sheets, modify them, critique them and ask me questions about the sheets our our system.

Thanks this helped a lot for the forms. Do you have any other tips for scouting?