1511's tribute to Team 67

So yes I am posting this at 2am… we figured with our massive snow warnings that we had better be prepared for school closing tomorrow, so as we packed up our tools and robot in the back of Larry’s Jeep… someone came up with this bright idea…

(and yes, that is our awesome janitor Dan on the right!)


HAHAHAHAHA Great job guys.

Yeah it’s 50 degrees and windy over here in San Diego. Brrr :wink:

jeesh I feel bad it was like in the upper 70’s here.

Tho on occasion I do miss snow.

Here in Worcester it’s hovering around 0, which I’ll take. Beats last week, when it was -25. As soon as build season is over I’m going someplace warm…

I’m pondering over whether the principal will let us stay later on school days… >_> Currently we can only stay 'til 5pm except Friday, which is however late we can.

So that was the snow rate that late at night. I wish we thought of the idea of working on the robot somwhere else. We left around 9:30 when there was only 5 inches out.

lol yeay snow day!

Snow day today here in Philly. That makes 2 days lost, yesterday they kicked us out at 3 because all “after school activities” are cancelled.

Haha, HOT wasn’t hot today either, they got out of school! (Why don’t they let us college kids out of school…)

Lol thats me! Gosh it was soooo cold :frowning: