1515 Presents: Daedalus

On behalf of Team 1515, MorTorq, I present our 9th competition robot: Daedalus.

I want to thank our hardworking mentors, generous sponsors and talented students for their commitment to the team and its betterment.

We really feel this was a year of big improvement for us and we are proud of our accomplishments and most importantly are excited to compete at the San Diego and Los Angeles regionals these coming weeks.

• 2 Speed WCD (with WCP’s Dual Speed Shifters): 16 and 6 FPS
• 4x1.5" Colsons on WCP Bearing Blocks
• Drop-down ground/feeder intake
• 3-frisbee storage (via simple linear path)
• Dual-conveyor indexer
• 2-wheeled shooter using VersaPlanetary gearboxes and 3x1.5" Colsons
• Passive 10PT climbing mechanism
• Modular superstructure (detaches in under 3 minutes)
• Weight: 90 lb


(As a side note, we are really loving the black satin powdercoat)

This robot looks legit! Good job, guys and gals! I like the wrench zip tied to it too! Any climber?

Daedalus was the cautious parent. Icarus was the ill-fated over-achiever. :smiley:
Please do explain about the wrench.

Looks elegant. Why did you choose to store 3 frisbees instead of 4?

This is my question too.

Also, how is the distance on your shooter, particularly with the small Colsons?We considered shooting with Colsons, but chose not to due to the stiffness of the wheels, compared to a pneumatic wheel. What type of reduction/motor are you using on the shooting VersaPlanetaries?

Anyway, looks like a beautiful bot, can’t wait to see video of it in competition.

Matt, This is a really cool looking robot. Definitely has some serious thought behind it.

Also, how did you interface with the bag motor on your intake? Press fit pinion? If so, did you bore it out to 4mm (nominal)?

Man, your machine looks even better off of CAD. Awesome job Matt and 1515! This bot is gonna wreck havoc come regionals.

The wrench is team tradition. In 2010 to add weight to the kicker, the team ziptied several dozen wrenches on (goodness knows why). Since then we have always placed a token wrench on the robot.

This was decided after our third design review. Each review simplified the robot until we reached what we consider is an incredibly simple approach to the game. Eliminating the need to store a 4th frisbee allows the entire frisbee path to be linear. The frisbees simply travel from the ground up to the shooter.

The shooter is doing quite well, actually. We make reliable and consistent 3-point shots from the front of the pyramid. However, the Colsons do have a tendency to fuse with a frisbee after around 30-40 shots. Because of this, every several matches we need to turn them upside down.
Currently the VersaPlanetaries are 10:1 and 1:1, respectively. However, considering that this contributes to melting frisbees onto the wheel, we are exchanging this for 2:1 and 1:1 at SD.

Thanks Dustin! It is in fact a press-fit bored out to 4mm. Fun fact: All but one motor on this robot are CIMs of various sorts.

Also, our climbing mechanism is the “wing” looking part (as seen in our “teaser” last week). It is a completely passive 10PT hang effected by driving onto the pyramid with sufficient momentum.