1516, 95% DONE

Peetee is ready to Pokur, lets race.

Is it ironic that we still are a metal box?

do you ever leave this site, i posted this a second…or a minute ago.

Yet, but its a sick box…im sorry we still don’t think outside the box

oh…and i love the upgrade…or downgrade/laziness…the metal washers/spacers for the wheels…i just never got around to lathing the pvc

Is that a CMU camera on the deck? Or did you put the IR sensor on the pan/tilt mechanism?

This is something we considered doing but decided was unnessesary.

I will say this, it is the base of the CMU…of course we’ve tweaked it…how and for what…use your imagination…that 5% left, it might account for that, but who really knows?

Hey the metal box design will be advantageous compared to all other teams’ bots in terms of durability/robustness (the power of resistance against the giant falling trackballs)…:o

looks like you’ve made good use of those CNC machines! Are you running 4wd or 6wd? (I can see omnis, but I can’t make out the rest from this angle) Can’t wait to see you guys at SVR.

Look how far we’ve come… To quote Han Solo: “she’s got it where it counts”

Yea, we’ve kept the machines running…all the base boards, electronic, pneumatic, and drive train went today in seconds, it was amazing to see everything pre-laid out from Solidworks, 2009 FIRST SPONSOR!!!, srry, and then everything literally just gets screwed right in. Those top pieces could not have fit better…and to think what we were doing earlier this year for Cal Games…

Oh, and i’ve jumped on it, we have thrown, hard, the trackball…the robot barely wiggles…the box may be ugly, but its strong as…a rock?

In my day we had a dull hacksaw and a rusty screwdriver…

whats funny is your day was 12 months ago and we still use the same hacksaw and screwdriver…just sparingly


nice to see it with the top on, I wanna see this thing move now. Are you gonna post your FPS?

Were not exactly sure on the fps…it is faster than last year, but by how much we don’t know…we really have nowhere flat to let it run…its all on sloping pavement

Depends Andy, how much is it worth to ya?:wink:

Ill guess 22 fps
Looks like front wheel drive modded AM shifters with coolie dualies in the back
pan-tilt from cmucam used for mounting IR board
24" 2 ft bore cylinder to knock the ball off

Just off guessing… No insider hints

Idk Greg…im thinking the whole MV team takes us out to lunch…maybe somewhere snazy, no not taco bell…we eat that every day…umm…yummy back forty…then well tell em the details huh?

You must have x-ray visions, cause frankly, i can’t even see that and the bot has my sweat and blood…well mostly blood, in it