1519 - Video of 10 Laps in 60 Seconds...

A few days ago, the student lead of our “Speed Racer / Mach 6” effort posted a pic of our prototype speed racer along with some robot statistics that generated a call for video. (Particularly of interest was the mention of 20fps and 6-second laps.) So, yesterday we invested some extra time in not only videotaping the robot, but also in taking an “in-car-cam” view, too.

The video is now available on the team’s webpage at http://www.mechanicalmayhem.org or http://www.team1519.org

You can go directly to the page with the video on it at http://www.mechanicalmayhem.org/teamvideos.asp


PS: Oh, and yes we know we’re not yet done! Still need to add bumpers, a flag pole, and a lid to prevent getting squashed by trackballs or other robots.

PPS: We also realize that there’s no way we’ll be doing six second laps on a field full of robots!

Any chance this could be posted on youtube or google video?

I’m having trouble with it here. Everytime I try to watch the vid, it crashes my Firefox or Internet Explorer. Anyone else getting this issue?




Updated my quicktime player, fixed the problem. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LATEST VERSION OF QUICKTIME TO RUN!!! I had the last rev and didn’t work.

mine didnt even try to load when i clicked on it…

I’m having trouble with it here. Everytime I try to watch the vid, it crashes my Firefox or Internet Explorer. Anyone else getting this issue?

Worked for me (I’m running Ubuntu :wink: ). Are you able to save the mov file to your computer?

I didn’t have any trouble downloading the video and playing it, but then I have my computer set up to mostly not have plugins in the browser.

Neat robot, looks like you’ll have fun at the competitions! what are you using for control? we went with a modified R/C car controller and it seems to really help the driver control the robot, especially the transition from the turns to the straight-away

Due to popular demand, even though I’m not a big fan of platform-specific video formats, a Windows Media Player version has been added, too:


says the guy who posted a QT movie! :slight_smile:

(just kidding around…but seriously, what’s wrong with .mpg?)

Maybe I’m just missing something, but don’t you need a lap counter pole? The top of of the flag has to be 75" off the ground…

They seem to be well aware of that…

***nice vid team! :smiley: ***

Thats insanely fast.

looks great on an empty track! I’m just trying to think of that’s even remotely possible on a track with 5 other robots on it. great job!:slight_smile:

The lap counter is still being worked on along with the flag holder.

Nice robot. Looks fast and very maneuverable.

What motor are you using to power your robot?

We are using 2 CIMs. On each of them is a BaneBots 9:1 gearbox
Each CIM/gearbox assembly drives a very short chain run to our 200mm (7.8in) diameter tires.

I feel like this robot is going to be extremely successful. 20 Laps is 40 pts lol, thats if you can make that many with bots on the field, but still 15 laps is 30pts. Keep in mind the winning scores from the Shake down scored 44 and 50 points as an alliance. 'Nuf Said.

1.5 laps in Hybrid mode = 24 more points

Thanks for the kudos on the empty track performance.

We’re also concerned about what we’ll be able to attain on a crowded track – we’ll find out for sure at our week 1 regional!

Are you concerned about maneuverability? Your robot is extremely fast, but it seems like it’s quite squirrelly/hard to control as it exits the turn around the lane divider.

Seems like it might make avoiding other robots somewhat difficult, though I’m sure practice will greatly help, with a robot that fast.

I like the car steering, but how fast can it go backwards if it runs into something? the car steering doesn’t help the turning radius according to my beliefs.